What is Adoption?

Adoption can be defined as: “providing a child with love and security and meeting their developmental needs.”

Who are Birth Parents?

They are generous and caring individuals, who have made an informed and conscious choice to release their child for legal adoption and therefor given the child the best opportunities in life and also bless the adoptive parents with the ultimate gift of life … the gift to be a parent.

Why do Birth Parents Choose Adoption?

There are many reasons why birth-parents choose adoption. One common reason is that they are not comfortable with abortion and are prepared to bring the child at least full-term.  The other reasons may be that they want their baby to have 2 stable parents.  They may feel they’re too young or don’t have the financial resources to raise a child.  Others need to complete their education.  Even married couples may feel their relationship is not stable enough or they cannot care for more children.